Let Go…

Is A love letter to the city... a message for you... produced by Four Giants Timothy Wolf and Steven Pitzl.

Follow Lex with their magical cape, on an enchanted bike that made its way all the way from Burning Man, showing their true love of Milwaukee that leads them on self-care mind clearing ride; allowing them focus on the needs of the mind, body, and soul while enjoying all the things their inner child loves about their hometown.

Filmed in 3 days by Bash Films Ryan Bingham & Josh Halverson with animation done by Lucas Seidel; this Milwaukee centered music video showcases the love, acceptance, and diversity of the city Lex holds close to his heart. It’s a place they wanted to credit for personal growth while showcasing the vibrant culture of the city. From the cultural murals painted by P.O.C artist on the blocks where they grew up, to venturing to the art museum on Lake Michigan, and making their way to inclusive coffee shops in hipster neighborhoods where close friends hang out. Lex lets go releasing all of his cares and shows you that you can too.

“Writing ‘Let Go’ meant the next chapter of life could begin. This song not only helped me move past and embrace my moms passing, it lead me out of toxic relationships, and gave me the confidence I needed when I wanted to give up. Its’ meant to give a person value and open their eyes to the things we need to do for yourself; no one else.”

-Lex Allen