‘Colors In Bloom’

“You are beautiful Loved And worthy… Just as you are.”

Bloom like a lotus, your colors are better bright. Lex Allen partnered with Diverse & Resilient, they believe that in order to help end anti-lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) violence, we must create a culture that nurtures LGBTQ youth by promoting loving, resilient, and diverse experiences of LGBTQ communities to foster self-love and acceptance. In that spirit, Lex Allen Productions partnered with Diverse & Resilient to create the Colors in Bloom campaign reminding LGBTQ people that we are beautiful, loved, and worthy.

“Lex Allen's Music Shines with a Vibrant, Positive Force” - Pride.com

“Not only do these lyrics set the tone for "Colors In Bloom," but they also perfectly sum up who Lex Allen is as a musical artist. He is very versatile, seamlessly combining '70s pop with dashes of hip-hop, electronica, and R&B. He also has a nice vocal range that can go from a soulful tenor to a falsetto while moving from song to song or from verse to chorus…”