A Letter To Love

Hey, love...

It's been a while. We've been distant because you know, circumstance, but it's the here and now that counts.I couldn't let you in, or the people you bestowed the amazing ability to do you, love. We know, we know... "Nobody can do you, like you do you."  You are the ultimate supreme everything. You warm souls, bring joy, excite romance, and deliver inner peace. All those things now I know are possible, because I've found agape, selfless love. Which in return has opened up my eyes to you, in everyone all around me. Even the lil pups, cute kittens, elephants... and turtles.

My eyes are open to the passion of the arts again, I can see the flames of people's dreams trail behind them like shooting stars, ready to transcend in the skies, talking their potential and ambition with them. With this wool of self-doubt and distrust removed from my eyes, conversing with a stranger is now an exploration. I'm appreciating them, as they are in the moment, opening doors to new friendships that last a lifetime.

Love, I love you. I love you for helping me find you. I'm alive again all because of you! Thank you for allowing me to see the beauty in my loved ones. Finding you again made me realize how much I see of you with them. They have that for each other, themselves, and me. I've learned from you, it's about reconnecting, after you connect with yourself. You see them in a whole new light, you appreciate them as they are, that very moment, with all of their quirks.

Love, continue to be your true authentic self, that's all I'll ever ask of you. My heart is open, it beats to a new rhythm, it's in tune, it knows empathy. It is aware. For sometime I was unsure if I'd be able to rekindle our relationship, because how painful our falling out was before, those deep rooted wounds took years to heal. Forgiveness & growth have taught me to give you another chance, with this wiser & stronger knowledge of what you really are. It is my belief that you are that smile on child's face, the hugs of a family member, the passion in a kiss from a lover, and the confidence people show when with you.

Welcome back into my life L.O.V.E. For you I have admiration, no fear. You've found me and I thank you.

Lex Allen