A Letter To My Mother

Hey Ma!

This life hasn't been the same these last 3 years since you've been gone. Know that we are all pushing through and working hard to fulfill your legacy and become our bigger selfs. You've made a strong troop of kings, queens, and little princes who've come closer together. but damn do we miss the sound of your voice, your encouraging smile, and the way you never let anyone go without what they needed.

There is not a day that goes by that you are not thought of. I keep replaying the times you'd put me in check after doing something so completely ridiculous, I'm thinking of the moments when you'd tell me to keep at what I'm doing because you know I have what it takes to make any of my dreams come true... You were truly an extraordinary queen, role model and mom.

The love you had for this world lives on through all the lives you touched, I will work to leave a little piece of you in all those I encounter. Irreplaceable, that is what you are. My heart & music moves because of you, through it you will love forever. I am fearless, I am stronger than ever, Im ready to walk in my purpose... I owe it all to you. Oh, and I met OBAMA! Thought you might like that one.

I love to love you Pamela Renee.


*To anyone who has lost a loved one, know you are not alone. You are loved.*